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TheArtofBalance played Braid

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TheArtofBalance said...
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I "acquired" a copy for my PC... the game is beautifully presented. Great sound track and well thought out puzzles, but NO controller support on the PC version? *grumbles

Braid (X360)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Adventure Puzzle
Release Date: 06/AUG/08
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I feel you. but this not an actual problem... my only concern is the length of the game being too short - when you can solve most of the puzzles easily.
Yeah I managed to do alright without one. I've heard it was pretty short and theres not much replay value either, but I'm really loving the style.
glad it was on sale on Steam xD. I am still stuck with 2-3 pieces though. ><
yeah no doubt. I was stuck for a bit in the very beginning, some of the pieces look impossible to get.
Yeah later in the game you have to deal with things that is or is not affected by time shift as well as your shadow that either can or can't be affected by the time shift. Once I reached that point the game looked way less entertaining to me.
I'm happy to say I managed to avoid a guide on that one, although some parts I spent ages puzzling over. It was a better game than I was expecting, for sure.
I enjoy the over all simplicity to the game I hope it doesn't get overly complicated at the end.
I am not yet to resort on guides... but will surely do so if I can't get them soon >.<
Yeeeeeeeeeees it gets uber complicated. Enough for me to push it aside and play brain age in desperate attempt to feel smarter, somehow.
Its no fun if someone gives you all the answers.
At the point where you have no more fun starting the game because of one piece, I see nothing wrong if you get your answer somewhere else. =P
Oh I have no problem using a guide if this game makes me mad enough. XD
Cuboid made me want to pull my hair out.
That or finding that last cursed heart container in zelda xD
I'm still missing a few of those >_<
I don't want to spoil the ending for anyone, but the last stage/ending just totally head games mind trips you. SPECTACULAR.
Braid on PC uses XInput, so any compatible controller would work (such as XBox360 Controller).

And a little bit of spoilers: after you finish the game, there are STARS
@13xforever Do you need the Xinput Driver for that menu to show up? Ive checked the options menu and control options many times and I have never come across that menu. Being able to use a controller would help a lot. Ive got a infrared transceiver on my laptop, you think it will recognize a wireless 360 controller?.... that would be sweet.
@TheArtofBalance: Windows should install the driver automatically through Windows Update, but you can always do it manually.
As of Braid, well, if it detects the controller, it just uses it (and that picture is from Pause Menu -> Help & Options -> Controls).
@13xforever Well I tried it with a usb logitech controller and it didnt pick it up. When I go from the pause menu -> help & options -> controls all I have is the keyboard options.
@TheArtofBalance: yeah, Logitech have a lot of issues in games that uses XInput; if driver update do nothing, then you're just out of luck :-(
@13xforever This is the only game on my PC that uses XInput, I updated the driver and it didnt work. I think Im going to play with the infrared transceiver and see if I can get it to recognize the wireless 360 controller.
@TheArtofBalance: good luck; you'll need it to collect all the stars ;)
@13xforever yeah tell me about it, I already have difficulty platforming on the PC since the controls are reversed. I'm not much of a keyboard and mouse gamer.
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